Statement on Pay Equity


Mr. Speaker, the Special Committee on Pay Equity has just tabled its report on the implementation of a proactive pay equity regime. On behalf of Canada's women, who have been waiting too long, I urge the government to act immediately. Women should receive the same pay and benefits as men for work of equal value.

Just one example of the many situations that women are faced with every day is the one faced by rural and suburban mail carriers at Canada Post. The letter carriers of the RSMC bargaining unit do essentially the same work, in the same offices, even on the same streets at times, as the letter carriers in the urban bargaining unit. Despite this, the letter carriers of the female-dominated RSMC bargaining unit get paid, on average, 28% less than the largely male-dominated letter carriers in the urban bargaining unit. This situation was brought to the Prime Minister's attention on March 21 and June 1. However, he has not yet responded.

Pay equity is a human right, but until there is legislation women are forced to bargain a human right.