Saskatchewan Residents Lack Safe Transportation Options

Letter to Minister Bains asking for follow-through on his promise in the House

In May 2017, the provincial government shuttered Saskatchewan’s intra-provincial public transit service, leaving many residents without access to safe, affordable and reliable public transportation.  For Saskatchewanians, the Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC) symbolized more than a service that connected our people to critical, life-saving services; it was a safe and reliable way to connect us to each other.

On January 31, 2018, the Honourable Navdeep Bains indicated in Question Period that the government was working on this issue, and was committed to “tak[ing] the appropriate steps that are required and needed to address the issue in a meaningful way”. After receiving no update on the steps the government is taking, I sent a letter to Minister Bains. People are suffering, and yet there is no evidence of any attempt from your government to intervene, or provide relief.

Click here to read the letter I sent to the Minister.