We CAN make Homelessness History

Recently, much of the country has been in the grip of a vicious cold snap. Simple tasks - like walking to a bus stop - become onerous. Weeks like these remind us there is no feeling quite like the safety and warmth found in the places we call “home”.

Speech on Bill C-66

C-66, An Act to establish a procedure for expunging certain historically unjust convictions and to make related amendments to other Acts.

No Advance Poll Locations on Reserve

How can we encourage better election participation from indigenous people if we do not have advance polls anywhere near indigenous communities? How is this part of a nation-to-nation relationship?

HIV Crisis in Saskatchewan

Will the government support community efforts to address the HIV crisis in Saskatchewan?

World AIDS Day

I am proud to highlight the incredible work of AIDS Saskatoon, and to thank Jason Mercredi and his caring, hard-working staff for being leaders in HIV prevention, awareness, and support.

First Speech on M-147

We have what we need to end homelessness. We need a special committee to bring all that together, to build on what is what is working, and to go where we have not gone before. We can make the possible probable and end homelessness in Canada.

MPs Must Work Together to End Homelessness

Sheri Benson (MP Saskatoon West) will be speaking on her bold vision to end and prevent homelessness in Canada during the first hour of debate today.

Phoenix Pay System Debacle Continues

For two years, Liberals have not listened to warnings from public servants and their unions. It is time for plan B.

Saskatoon MP not surprised by Auditor General’s Report

The Auditor General’s (AG) Fall Report has shed a light on why many Canadians are feeling frustrated with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Apology and Remedies for LGBTQ Veterans

A year ago the military ombudsman said that as soon as the minister gives approval he would begin revising service records for veterans who were kicked out for being gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender.