Making Canada Accessible

Today I stand to speak in support of Bill C-81, an act to ensure a barrier-free Canada, with the hope that the bill will be a game-changer for people in my community and the 5.3 million Canadians living with disabilities.

It is always an honour and a great resposibility to to rise in the House to represent my constituents of Saskatoon West, to do my best to give the people living in my community a voice in Parliament on issues and concerns that are important to them.

As a part of my speech on Bill C-81, an act to ensure a barrier-free Canada, I was able to share the incredible work of Debbie A Windsor who is tired of waiting for life to get better for people living with disabilities.

Debbie is trying to get the message out that things must change for people living with disabilities so that they can be truly included in all aspects of life, from education to employment, so she launched her own radio show on CFCR 90.5 FM - Saskatoon Community Radio called Above and Beyond the Disability.

I was also able to highlight the demonstrations at Legislatures across Canada over the weekend calling for the designation of ASL, LSQ and ISL as official languauges in Canada. Here in Saskatchewan,

Bill C-81 is very important legislation and could change the lives of millions of Canadians for the better. It deserves our time and attention to get it right. It is my hope that we are all on that path together.