Create Your Canada winners, Brody Beuker and Camilo Silva have their Bill introduced in the House of Commons!

Brody and Camilo traveled to Ottawa to see Sheri introduce their Private Member's Bill idea in the House of Commons

The winners of my Create Your Canada contest, Brody Beuker and Camilo Silva, Grade 12 students from Bethlehem High School headed to Ottawa June 4 th – 6 th 2018 to see their Private Member’s Bill presented in the House of Commons.

The contest was open to Grade 11 and 12 students in Saskatoon West asking them to use the theme of reconciliation to submit their ideas for a Private Member’s Bill that they felt would make a better Canada – or world.

We were overwhelmed with the response we received from students across the riding. Our youth are the future, and our future is in very good hands.

Brody & Camilo’s winning submission calls on the federal government to re-evaluate the use of mandatory sentences. “In many cases, judges are unable to use their discretion to determine appropriate penalties for Canadians who have broken the law,” said Brody. “This can change if we allow judges to depart from mandatory minimum sentences,” added Camilo.

In addition to seeing their Bill introduced in the House of Commons, Brody & Camilo attended the Justice and Human Rights Committee meeting where the NDP's Justice critic asked the Minister of Justice why removing mandatory minimum sentencing was not included in Bill C-75 - An Act to Amend the Criminal Code.

They then got to meet the Minister of Justice who personally thanked them for bringing forward such an important topic.

Brody and Camilo with Minister of Justice

The students also had the opportunity to meet with Senator Pate who has introduced a Senate Bill aimed at Mandatory Minimum Sentencing.

Brody, Camilo, Mr. Kozun with Senator Pate

These are just some of the highlights of their trip! Thanks so much to Brody, Camilo and their teacher Mr. Dan Kozun for being such good sports!