Citizen Forum - Report Back

Federal Government Not Making Life Affordable

Cover from Citizens Forum report

On November 8th, my office hosted a Citizens’ Forum at St. Georges Senior Citizens Centre to hear how I can help make life more affordable, and better for all of us in Saskatoon West.

The strong turnout was punctuated by lively discussions focused on ways that the federal government could be doing more to positively impact Canadians’ lives. Participants were challenged to suggest how the government could: provide better public services, tackle climate change and preserve our environment, protect good jobs and ensure Canadian workers get the training they need, implement policies that make life affordable, and address the housing and homelessness crisis.

The Forum recommended that the federal government: explore universal basic income, provide better care for those living with HIV/AIDS, reflect on what Canada’s duty to consult First Nations means in this chapter of reconciliation, introduce a $15/hour federal minimum wage, ensure access to public transportation, eliminate barriers to post-secondary education, and enshrine the right to housing in Canadian law.

I've created a report from the feedback that was shared at the Forum which you can find here.

I shared this report with the Prime Minister asking him to consider addressing these concerns in the 2019 Federal Budget.