It's Time to Ban Asbestos in Canada

Man in mask and full protective suit stands behind banner stating Warning Asbestos, Keep Out

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Exposure to asbestos is the leading cause of occupational death in Canada; more than 2000 Canadians die each year from diseases and illnesses caused by asbestos. 150,000 Canadian workers continue to be exposed to asbestos in their workplaces.

Five months ago, the Prime Minister pledged to ban the deadly substance. Every day action is delayed, more lives are lost. His government needs to implement a complete ban on asbestos immediately.

NDP Labour Critic, Sheri Benson, recently introduced Bill C-321 to prohibit the manufacture, use, sale, offer for sale or import of certain toxic substances that cause significant danger to the environment or to human life or health.

Add your name and tell Justin Trudeau that Canada must ban this deadly substance.

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