Sheri Benson was elected in October 2015 as the Member of Parliament for Saskatoon West.

She is the first out candidate in Saskatchewan to be elected to the House of Commons, and is honoured to serve as the NDP LGBTQ2+ Deputy Critic. 

Previous to her election, Sheri was CEO of the United Way of Saskatoon & Area, where she spearheaded a collaborative effort between community, labour, and business groups to launch the city’s first-ever Plan to End Homelessness.

Between October 2015 and January 2018, Sheri was the NDP Labour Critic. Fighting to improve equality and safety in the workplace, Sheri called for a ban on asbestos, advocated for pay equity legislation to ensure Canadian women have equal compensation to their male counterparts in the workplace, and called out the government for failing to adequately track workplace fatalities.


In January 2018, in the middle of a campaign to garner support for her Private Member’s Motion, M-147, which called on the government to create a plan to end and prevent homelessness, Sheri was named the NDP Housing Critic.
Despite her best effort, the motion was defeated by the Liberal majority. Now, Sheri is more determined than ever to ensure the government recognizes Canadians’ human right to housing, and to find solutions to Canada’s homelessness crisis.

The people of Saskatoon West are at the heart of Sheri’s work in Ottawa. Since her election, Sheri has advocated for increased funding for mental health services for Indigenous youth, for more responsive services from the Canada Revenue Agency and Immigration and Citizenship Canada, and for the federal government to restore much-needed public transportation routes that were previously serviced by the Saskatchewan Transportation Company.

Sheri believes that inequality costs us all, and, if we work together, we can end poverty, save money, and create a better Canada - all at the same time! Whether in Ottawa or in Saskatoon, Sheri is on your side.