Letter to the Minister of Defense

15 Department of Defense staff working in unsafe conditions is unacceptable

Petition to ban asbestos

Tell the Liberal government to ban asbestos

2016 National Day of Mourning Statement

Liberals must restore the right to refuse unsafe work

Federal Budget A Missed Opportunity

To Reduce Inequality and Create Jobs

It’s time to get serious about Pay Equity.

What you need to know about pay equity and how it impacts your community

Statement on Belinda Daniels

January 29th 2016

Pre-Budget Feedback Form

Pre-Budget Feedback Form

Sheri's Speech in Response to Bill C-4

Repealing Bill C-377 and Bill C-525 is a great first step

Keep Health Care Public

Sheri puts pressure on Feds to crack down on private health payments

NDP to push feds to better respect labour rights

Canada’s history shows us that no one has done more to help the middle class and those trying to join it than organized labour.