Phoenix Pay System Debacle Continues

For two years, Liberals have not listened to warnings from public servants and their unions. It is time for plan B.

Saskatoon MP not surprised by Auditor General’s Report

The Auditor General’s (AG) Fall Report has shed a light on why many Canadians are feeling frustrated with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Apology and Remedies for LGBTQ Veterans

A year ago the military ombudsman said that as soon as the minister gives approval he would begin revising service records for veterans who were kicked out for being gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender.

Canadian's Right to Housing Should be Enshrined in Law

Forty one years after our country signed the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, it’s time we ensured that everyone in Canada is able to make the journey home.

Saskatchewan residents need a provincial transportation company

Will the federal government step forward, find a role, and lead?

Jaris Swidrovich

Inspired by Calls to Action #18 to 24 of the TRC, Dr. Swidrovich has taken on ending racism within the pharmacy profession as his personal call to action.

NDP Calls on Federal Government to Reinstate Public Bus Service in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan MPs Jolibois and Benson call on the Federal Liberals to reinstate the STC in order to protect women in the province.

MP Benson Getting Tested on World Hepatitis Day

And challenging her colleagues to do the same!

Nuclear Disarmament

I had the opportunity to speak on the NDP opposition motion regarding Nuclear Disarmament. I dedicated my remarks to the remarkable John and Betsy Bury. Betsy and the late Dr. Bury have been working for peace for the past 60 years.

Benson Introduces Bill to Help Protect Seniors Living in Poverty

This bill would prohibit any reduction in the Guaranteed Income Supplement if the only change to one’s income is as a result of CPP indexing.

Equal Pay Day - How much longer?

Today is Equal Pay Day in Canada, because in 2017 women still have to work 3.5 months longer to earn what men do in 12 months. How much longer will the Prime Minister make women wait?

Canada Must Condemn Horrific Violence Against Gay Men in Chechnya

Russian news sources have reported the disappearance of more than 100 gay men at the hands of local authorities in Chechnya. Faced with torture, humiliation, and abuse, it has been confirmed that three of these men have died.

Peter Corren Award Winners - Breaking the Silence 2017

Anthony Bidulka and Herb McFaull were the powerhouses behind bringing Camp fYrefly to Saskatchewan. Fran Forsberg was also honoured for her unrelenting advocacy for young people.

CIBC putting profits ahead of its Canadian workers

CRA for the Wealthy, and CRA for the rest of us

Why is there such a double standard in the way the CRA treats Canadians – sweetheart deals for rich Canadians who cheat on their taxes, and penalties for the rest of us. Not to mention the demeaning series of hoops that parents have to jump through in ord

Does Terminating STC Violate the Canada Labour Code? – Sask. MPs

Saskatchewan’s New Democratic MPs are concerned that the Sask. Party’s mass termination of Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC) workers may violate the Canada Labour Code and that the federal budget shortchanged Saskatchewan on transit funding.

Congratulations Mike San Miguel

We are proud that he will continue to serve in his new capacity at the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission.

Ms. Benson invites Minister Duclos to Saskatoon

"Come to Saskatoon to meet some of the families who have been asked to prove and re-prove their eligibility, and to see first-hand how the CCB is NOT working for families."

When will this government shift its priorities from protecting the wealthiest?

How many eligible parents have yet to receive the Canada child benefit, and when will the government shift its priorities from protecting the wealthiest to making life more affordable for all Canadians?

Tell me about an inspiring woman in your life!

This International Women's Day I'd like to hear about a woman that has inspired you in your life.

NDP Welcomes Ban on Asbestos

NDP Calls on Minister Foote to Defer Paycheque Until Phoenix is Fixed

Speech in Support of Bill C-235

To amend the Criminal Code to establish a procedure for assessing individuals who are involved in the criminal justice system and who may suffer from a fetal alcohol disorder

Funding for Indigenous Children

Canada must ban asbestos

Question on Public Workers

Liberals Defeat Gender Equity Bill Because it's 2016

One year out

When will the government deliver on the change it promised Canadian workers?

Speech on Bill C-241 An Act to Amend the School Excise Tax

Sheri questions the government on the delay to Pay Equity Legislation

Liberals Tell Women to Wait for Equality

Joint Statement from NDP MPs Sheri Benson and Karine Trudel

Indigenous Youth and Mental Health

Sheri speaks to Bill C-5

An act repealing egregious anti-union legislation

Climate Justice Saskatoon sends letter to Minister for Climate Change

CJS and Sheri Benson, MP Climate Change Town Hall

Priaire MPs not receiving response from CRA

Open letter to Minister Lebouthillier

Canada Day 2016

Happy Canada Day!

Introducing my first Private Member's Bill

Bill C-292

Statement on Pay Equity

NDP Call For Pay Equity Legislation by end of 2016

Sheri tells the Liberals to stop stalling on pay equity legislation

Statement on Maria Jane Linklater

All the Women are Winners

Speech on need for National Housing Plan

Sheri continues to push the Feds for a National Housing Plan

Statement in the House of Commons

International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia

Ban Asbestos

Sheri continues to push the Feds to ban asbestos

Budget 2016 Speech

Budget 2016 is Many Deficits Away from Real Change

Letter to the Minister of Defense

15 Department of Defense staff working in unsafe conditions is unacceptable

Petition to ban asbestos

Tell the Liberal government to ban asbestos

2016 National Day of Mourning Statement

Liberals must restore the right to refuse unsafe work

Federal Budget A Missed Opportunity

To Reduce Inequality and Create Jobs

It’s time to get serious about Pay Equity.

What you need to know about pay equity and how it impacts your community

Statement on Belinda Daniels

January 29th 2016

Pre-Budget Feedback Form

Pre-Budget Feedback Form

Sheri's Speech in Response to Bill C-4

Repealing Bill C-377 and Bill C-525 is a great first step

Keep Health Care Public

Sheri puts pressure on Feds to crack down on private health payments

NDP to push feds to better respect labour rights

Canada’s history shows us that no one has done more to help the middle class and those trying to join it than organized labour.

Holiday Greetings from Sheri

A Message from your MP

It's Time for Urgent Action on Social Housing

NDP calls on Liberal government to renew federal funding before January 1st

Sheri's Story - Video

Get to know Sheri