Indigenous Youth and Mental Health

Indigenous Youth and Mental Health from Sheri Benson on Vimeo .


"On April 15, I asked the government to prioritize both indigenous youth and mental health, two separate but related issues. On May 28, the government announced a renewed focus on indigenous policy, but sadly, it was too late for many. The urgency to address these issues addressed last spring continues. The time has come for the government to stop reacting to issues and instead start addressing them proactively."

Yesterday I asked the government when we will see them taking an active stance and creating groundbreaking, long-term, sustainable programs, instead of some of the same old solutions that maintain the status quo?

"With meaningful investments and the simple fulfillment of our obligation to indigenous communities, I hope my community and our country will see fewer funerals for our youth and more high school graduations.

There are steps the government can take immediately. Will the government commit now to working with indigenous communities and their agencies to use the money where it can make the most difference?"


Sept 23 Question on Funding for First Nations from Sheri Benson on Vimeo.