Sheri Benson Member of Parliament Saskatoon West
  • Critic for Housing
  • Deputy Critic for LGBTQ2+ Issues

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Family Fun Day
Starts: February 16th, 2019, 1:00pm
Where: Cosmo Civic Center

It's Time to End the Underfunding of Women's Services

The #MeToo movement is lifting the taboo on reporting violence, but federal funding to women’s services is not keeping up with the heightened demand for much-needed help.

2018 in Review: Liberals Choose Rich Corporations Over Everyday People

Trudeau’s Liberal government’s record in 2018 is defined by an unwillingness to help out Canadians struggling to make ends meet.

Government Should Treat Substance Abuse as a Health Issue

New Democrats have been calling for the declaration of a national public health emergency for over two years. It’s time for the Liberal government to act.

Everyone Deserves a Safe Place to Call Home

Instead the Sask Party govt has removed a program that helps low income families and those with disabilities afford their rent.

Statement on National Housing Day

New Democrats stand with housing and human rights advocates who are urging this government to fix the housing crisis now.

Benson calls on Government to Fully Ban Asbestos in Canada...Again

The government promised Canadians a comprehensive ban, but yesterday's announcement leaves many exposed.